Parcel Claim Services

Ensure You Get What You Deserve With Expert Parcel Claim Services

Franklin Parcel knows every penny matters in shipping. So, we provide full parcel claim services. Our staff recovers costs from overcharges, service failures, and lost or damaged goods. They use advanced audit software. This software catches mistakes and files claims accurately and on time.


Why Does Parcel Claim Services Matter?


Mistakes in shipping, like overcharges, lost items, or service failures, can hurt your profits. With Franklin Parcels claim services, we’ll work hard to get your money back. Our proactive strategy ensures that you are paid for any shipping problems. This increases your total profit and operational efficiency.

Comprehensive parcel audits: Our parcel audit services rigorously inspect your shipping invoices. They look for overcharges, erroneous costs, and service failures. We use cutting-edge parcel audit software to ensure that no errors go overlooked.

Automated Claim Filing: We simplify the process of submitting claims to carriers. Our automated systems file claims quickly and accurately. They are for overcharges, lost packages, and service faults. The filings result in prompt reimbursement.

Freight Audit Services: Apart from parcel audits, we offer freight audit services. These services check your freight invoices. They confirm that your shipping costs are accurate and fair.

Parcel Recovery Services: We focus on recovering money from lost or damaged shipments. We handle the whole process. We start by finding the problem. Then, we get compensation from the carrier.

Expert Support: Our expert team is always available to help you with any queries or concerns about your package claims. We offer continuing help to guarantee that your claims are handled effectively.

Our Approach To Parcel Claim Services

  • Detailed Analysis: We uncover irregularities by studying shipping invoices with parcel audit tools.
  • Automated Claims: Once an issue is found, our systems file claims with the right carriers. This assures timely and accurate filing.
  • Continuous Monitoring: We continually monitor your shipping activities. We find and fix any new issues.
  • Continuous Support: Our staff offers continuous help. We make sure that all issues are settled to your satisfaction.

Why Use Franklin Parcel For Parcel Claim Services?

Franklin Parcel is focused on helping businesses improve their shipping. They also recover money for shipment errors. Our skilled team and modern technology ensure that you get the most out of your shipping budget.


With Franklin Parcels’ experienced parcel claim services, you can save more. You will also get the attention you need. Contact us today to find out how we can help you recover funds and improve your shipping operations.

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The carriers have made it as hard as possible for you to analyze and leverage your own shipping data. Luckily Franklin Parcel has created a system to do just that. All in all, our average users save thousands of dollars per year. Sign up here and join in the savings. Right now, we’re offering a free 30-day trial.

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