What can Ben do for you?

At Franklin Parcel, we make it easy to take control of your data. You can use it to solve complex business problems and get back money owed to you by carriers. Our complete shipment management services will save you time and money. We remove the worry of managing your shipping to give you the piece of mind and confidence to focus on your business. All for free, with absolutely no cost.

Our Services:

  • Data Control and Analysis: Use your data to answer important business issues.

  • Carrier Bill Payment: We handle your carrier invoices and negotiate much better rates.

  • Claim Filing: Identify and submit claims for packages eligible for carrier reimbursement.

  • Address Correction: To avoid delivery complications and fees, correct erroneous addresses in your database.

  • Fulfillment Facility Optimization: Identify the best location for your upcoming fulfillment facility.

  • Cost Reduction: Identify and eliminate the most expensive extra costs.


84% of shippers believe that shipping will eat up an increasing amount of gross margins.


There are 42,000 zip codes and more than half automatically incur a surcharge.


Basic accessorial fees have risen over 30% since 2013!

An Investment in Knowledge Pays the Best Interest

How Much Could I Save Annually?

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$100,000 $100,000,000

Annual Parcel Spend Savings


What does Membership include?


Our normalized data and prebuilt reports provide unique insights. Slice and dice your shipping data to discover trends and make more data-driven decisions than ever before.


Our comprehensive analytics will show you where your money is really going. Find ways to save costs in shipping. Improve your approach to spend less while staying efficient.


Unlock your geography data to see shipping routes and delivery zones. Our technologies remove your data from carrier restrictions. This allows you to plan and improve your operations


Using our fee recovery technology, you can maximize your savings. Identify and recover overcharges such that our system pays for itself and more. Stop reducing your savings by half and start optimizing your returns.

But what does it cost?

Sound like a million bucks? Well, it should be, but there’s actually zero fees so that even smaller shippers ($5,000 a month or so) can take advantage of the platform. Membership includes access to all your data, reports, and tools as well as our cost saving tips and tricks, annual GRI analysis, claim identification and automated claims processing. We also have contract negotiation services plus special pricing programs that could help you get the best carrier terms and save big.