Process Overview

Sign-up is free, easy and takes a few minutes.

No credit cards, commitments or hassles.


Once set-up log into our system and find three sections.

Reporting Dashboard

How Are You Currently Spending Your Money

The first step tells you where you are spending your money and includes useful reports on all the fees and surcharges you’re paying, how you’re shipping by service, and an interactive geographical interface.

  • Extra Handling Fees

  • Fuel Surcharge

  • Delivery Area Surcharges

  • Address Correction

Recovery Dashboard

How You Can Recoup Money Owed

The second tab is your money maker. It identifies packages that may be entitled to a refund. We’ll send you a handy guide on how to get that money back yourself or let us automatically file and get the refunds on your behalf. You just sit back and collect. 

Optimization Dashboard

How You Can Save Money in the Future

The third tab is how you can save even more money in the future. These are packages that could have been shipped a less expensive way with the same level of service. You can correct these types of shipments in the future.

The way to wealth is as plain as the way to market: First, industry, and secondly, frugality.

The carriers have made it as hard as possible for you to analyze and leverage your own shipping data. Luckily Franklin Parcel has created a system to do just that. All in all, our average users save thousands of dollars per year. Sign up here and join in the savings. Right now, we’re offering a free 30-day trial.

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