Maybe we’re being bold when we refer to ourselves as the Superheros of parcel shipping, but that’s how we think of it. We protect business owners against the big and powerful shipping companies.

About Us

Nearly 30 years ago, we began negotiating shipping contracts on behalf of some of the biggest shippers in the U.S. We discovered how much latitude there really was in the shipping rates and also how much of the actual shipping cost was tied up in extra fees and cleverly disguised charges.


Every three months, the charges would shift and reporting formats would change. So much so that we built an entire infrastructure to normalize the data and report it back to us in easily digestible nuggets. That system has helped our enterprise clients save over $100 MILLION dollars in shipping costs.


But we recognized that there was still no solution for small and mid-sized businesses and that’s why Franklin Parcel was born. We took our enterprise level tools and worked tirelessly to have them available in an easy to use SaaS-based interface.


But we’re not done. Each quarter, we’re adding even better tools and more systems to help you become the superhero of your shipping world.
An investment in knowledge pays the best interest.

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