COVID-19’s Impact on Parcel Shippers

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COVID-19’s Impact on Parcel Shippers – Goodbye Guarantees and Hello Higher Fees

The impact of COVID-19 is being felt far and wide. If you are shipping as an essential business, you now have to deal with managing ongoing changes affecting you and your customers. As of March 25th FedEx announced they have suspended their service guarantees. The very next day, UPS followed their lead and did the same.

If you are a savvy shipper that partners with Franklin Parcel for auditing, this will unquestionably reduce your weekly audit savings. At the same time as UPS and FedEx are reducing your ability to recover revenue for late package deliveries, they have also announced new Peak Surcharges that will continue throughout this pandemic and until further notice. It’s a double whammy to shippers on top of all the other daily challenges you face.

Lucky for you, Ben’s seen all this before and knows exactly how to help shippers minimize the impact of these changes. Sign up for your free account and let Ben put his knowledge to work for you today.

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