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Why give away half your money? The Franklin Parcel Platform provides a free claims recovery dashboard as well and so much more, including:
UPS/FedEx Claims recovery

Detailed shipping spending reports

Geographic Interfaces

Future Savings Strategies

Free Account FAQ

Is the Franklin Parcel Platform really free?
Yes. It’s completely free and you don’t even need a credit card to sign up. We built this tool for small and mid-size businesses to begin to get an understanding of where their shipping dollars are going, how they can get money back and how to save money on future shipments.
But how can it be free?
We can run the additional analysis for you as a consulting service once you have a better grip on your data. Most smaller shippers won’t need it but big shippers can save hundreds of thousands of dollars and that helps pay the bills.
We can also process all your claims for you and we charge for that service.
Is this just a free trial?
Nope. It’s a fully functional free account that provides geo-analysis, claims identification, accessorial analysis, and recommendations for future shipment improvements.

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