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UPS Hybrid Delivery Drivers Deal Could Make Parcel Auditing Services More Necessary Than Ever

With online shopping at an all-time high, shipping companies like UPS are having trouble keeping up with the volume of packages. A new agreement between UPS and the Teamsters labor union seeks to address this problem via UPS hybrid delivery drivers and could result in a mixed bag of changes for shipping clients. 

The agreement creates a new class of “hybrid” UPS third-party delivery drivers who are responsible for both sorting packages and delivering them—as well as working on weekends. While these UPS hybrid delivery drivers assist UPS with its ever-increasing workload and provide relief to existing drivers who would rather avoid weekend work, they are paid less than current full-time drivers, with fewer limits on forced overtime. With lower pay and more hours, this second class of drivers would be more vulnerable to dissatisfaction and burnout, which could drive down the level of service and result in mistakes and other problems.

While you don’t have any control over the approval of UPS hybrid delivery drivers, you can cover your bases by utilizing a parcel auditing service like Franklin Parcel. In your busy day-to-day life, you don’t have time to scrutinize the work of carriers like UPS, which are notorious for obfuscating your shipping data for their own benefit. And the changes that could result from this new agreement could pose even more risks to your business than the sort of changes you’re used to—like unwarranted fees and surcharges.

A partner like Franklin Parcel takes the burden of these changes off your plate and works to negotiate with and rectify mistakes in the shipping service you receive, whether it’s with UPS hybrid delivery drivers or another carrier. Regardless of the fate of this new agreement, you’ll be covered.

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